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Together We Can Make A Difference

Welcome to our Page

Welcome one and all


Welocome to the Wrexham Dementia Action Alliance page, here it is our aim to create dementia awareness and dementia-friendly environments. We sincerely hope that you may find what you are looking for from this site. On behalf of Anita Moran, founder of the WDAA, Chris Hodge and all others that care about dementia; Welcome and thank you for visiting our site.

Our mission is simple...

We want to remove the stigma attached to the suffering of dementia by creating dementia-friendly environments with support of the Purple Angel and...YOU

Becoming dementia aware could not be simpler. One of our aims at the Wrexham Dementia Action Alliance is to create a dementia-friendly environment in and around Wrexham and eventually North-Wales.


A great way to becoming dementia aware is by getting in touch and requesting one of our posters, talks, a visit or by following the useful links 

Although we don’t like asking for monetary aid we understand that it is important to help in all that we do. If you wish to donate to the Purple Angel so your money goes to a dementia related charity please follow the link above. Thank you in advance on behalf of the Wrexham Dementia Action Alliance 

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